teclet removes the need for 85% of tenant and guarantor actions

Do you or your team complete the following actions for tenants and guarantors?

  • Scan and upload tenant and guarantor’s identification documents
  • Send updated emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors
  • Send reminder emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors
  • Take payments from tenants and guarantors
  • Send renewal emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors
  • Send move- in packs to tenants and guarantors
  • As a letting agent, these are only some of the actions you will be undertaking.

How many times do you have to enter the tenant’s name, address and email address?

With teclet we can automate all these processes, you only need to enter the data in once and we provide your tenants, guarantors and landlords your own branded portal to complete the tasks- and they can complete actions 24/7, even when your branch is closed.

In a recent pilot for a national agency, 38% of actions were carried out whilst the agent’s branches were closed.

Let teclet help you automate your lettings process for the full life-cycle of the property and help you to save time, make money and improve service.

The above are just a few examples of the “end to end” automation that teclet supports.

Why would you not want to use teclet?