teclet are proud to introduce their partners

teclet provide an end to end lettings Portal for you to use in your business to maximise your efficiency.  

One of the areas we were told was an issue was the hand-offs to multiple third parties; whether for Referencing, Rent and Legal Protection, Insurance, Inventories and Inspections or Service Switching.  Agencies like to use multiple third parties and we fully support that.  Our Integration Hub means we can quickly bring on new services but we wanted to share the “partners’ systems” we are already working with. Each are among the best in class and we are proud to be working with them.

The Portal integration to the partners systems is fully managed within the software and the relationship between Agency and Provider is rightfully yours – we simply provide the ‘glue’ to automate your transactions.

The end result is a seamless journey for you and your staff – you concentrate on the deals and the cross sales look after themselves.

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