New partner coming soon!

teclet is proud to announce
we will soon have a new plugin partner – PAID & CO

Who are PAID & CO?

The PAID & CO platform enables letting agents to set up new tenancies with a Direct Debit rent collection service that’s tailored for rentals and includes everything possible to keep tenants paying on time, including:

  • Direct Debit payment schedule set up on the day the tenant picks up their keys
  • Automatic text message reminders 3 days before rent‘s due
  • Automatic attempt to collect the rent again if the tenant can’t pay on rent day …and then another try if that fails
  • A ‘thank you’ sent to the tenant after a successful collection
  • Reports on the status of rent payments to credit reference agencies
  • and more……..

Why use teclet and PAID & CO?

  • No need to go outside the teclet portal.
  • Journey is automated and no need to draw up manual standing orders anymore.
  • Collection of monthly rent
  • Manage rent arrears
  • Able to cater for end of tenant deposit disputes
Let teclet help you automate your lettings process for the full life-cycle of the property and help you to Make Money, Save Time and Improve Service.