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Where will my efficiency savings come from?

There are three main areas of benefit from using Teclet and we are seeing savings of 75% in pre-tenancy costs and 40% savings in management.
Firstly, the software automates many of the processes that you carry out in-house saving you time.
Secondly, the software provides a Customer and Agent Portal enabling you to serve your customers at times to suit them.
Finally, the software provides an interface to a number of 3rd party products, meaning a single seamless process that maximises on opportunities for additional sales.

You have many competitors, how are you different to all the others?

Our software platform is the first of its kind.  We have been researching and reviewing the market for several years now and there are several other companies that will offer to process tenancies for you, using their people and processes, which may or may not be better or more efficient than your own – this is outsourcing.

Teclet is different; our Lettings Platform automates many processes for you, and you continue to use your own staff.  In addition you will benefit from branded portals supporting you, your Landlords, Tenants and Guarantors.  You can be open 24/7.

Is there really no contract or ongoing fees?

We offer the benefit of ‘launch pricing’ meaning that you can benefit from a free period for using the software.  We researched various different pricing models and arrived at a straightforward monthly license fee for simplicity to both parties.  Some agencies may not do enough deals to think that teclet could work for them.  If you do not agree that the license fee would offer value for money in your business then we are happy to support you for a further period since the benefits you can  realise will dwarf the license fee no matter how many deals you do.

You say I can be up and running in a day. How long does it really take to get a white labelled version of the system that I can use?

There is a ‘one off’ process to upload your details so that the system, emails and communications are all branded with your company details.
We will send you a checklist of things we will need to do this for example your lettings charges, company name, number, VAT number, bank account details, logo etc.  Once we have these, the one off setup takes us only a few minutes.  So the time it takes is really down to how long it takes you to compile this basic information.

Every deal I do with a Landlord is different, how do you cater for this?

The system will default to using your standard rate card.  For every tenancy you can override the amount charged, add new charges or completely remove charges.  A ‘fee earner’ report is always available for viewing or download, giving a breakdown of monies received, disbursements and profits.

Why would I entrust a software company to process tenancies in what is a specialised field?

We know that; this is why it has taken us so long and cost so much to develop the platform.  The teclet process and software automates a business process that has been refined over tens of thousands of tenancies from an Asset Management Company that processed tenancies on behalf of a number of agents.  Once the software was developed, it was then tested in the DIY Landlord sector over several hundred tenancies to ensure that it worked and was easy to use.  You will be using a mature and tested product that works on a self service basis.

I want to use my existing referencing provider, can I do that?

You can use any of your existing products, we do not tie you in anywhere, however you can use the products and services available within the platform at competitive rates.  In many cases, the best in class partners we use will be the same as your own and we will honour your previously negotiated rates.

How will I produce my Landlord’s statements and do my accounts?

The software includes full Landlord and Agency Statement capabilities.

I don’t want my Landlords using software, I want to manage the relationship myself. How can I do this?

Of course you will be managing the relationship, you will also be providing your customers additional facilities; the customer portals allow for payments, status enquiries, document uploads and other basic transactions.  All of these communications can be configured so that either the Landlord or the Agency deals with them, however our experience is that customers love using the portal, especially when you are closed and they are home from work.  We are seeing 30% of transactions being carried out whilst branches are closed.  Every document uploaded, payment made or enquiry fulfilled is a task you no longer need to do meaning you can move from administration to truly management your key relationships.

I can’t find teclet at Companies House, who are you?

Teclet is a trading name of Glanty Limited company number 05562443 which was registered in 2005

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