How can we help you Make Money, Save Time and Improve Service?

Make Money : 
teclet recently conducted a trial for a national Agency group, which saw a 198% increase in leads to The Tenant Shop. All the additional revenue for the Agency came without them having to do anything – the automated systems handled everything on their behalf. teclet provides access to “best in class” API partners such as HomeLet, so you, your tenants, guarantors and landlords can benefit from a range of market- leading products and services.

teclet also helped an agency with 5 branches to significantly reduce their administration costs, allowing their staff to focus on areas of the business that bring in additional revenue.
teclet can place adverts, so customers can request more information and ask for a quote whilst using the platform – all of which helps to generate additional revenue.
Save Time : 
100% of the time, teclet sends out reminders for any document that is due to expire and prompts the user to upload a new copy to the document centre. You will never miss a compliance document because it hasn’t been uploaded or it has expired. teclet removes the need for 80% of tenant and guarantor actions.

Do you or your team have to do any of the following?

  • Scan and upload tenant and guarantor’s identification documents?
  • Send updated emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors?
  • Send reminder emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors?
  • Take payments from tenants and guarantors?
  • Send renewal emails or make calls to tenants and guarantors?
  • Send move- in packs to tenants and guarantors?

As a letting agent, these are only some of the actions you will be undertaking. How many times do you have to enter the tenant’s name, address and email address?

teclet automates all these processes and you only need to enter the data once.
teclet automatically sends reminders and chasing emails to save you time.

teclet supports post move- in actions too. The platform has automated the tenancy renewal process. With a few clicks of a button, a tenancy can be renewed – and this works for managed, rent collection and let- only tenancies, too.


Improve Service : 
teclet provides a white- labelled platform which allows your staff, tenants, guarantors and landlords to complete administrative actions and to speed up the tenancy process.

In the recent trial for a major national Agency group, 38% of actions through the platform were carried out when their branches were closed.

You can be open 24/7 365 days a year. This gives users the freedom to complete referencing forms, upload documents and make payments 24 hours a day, giving your staff much more time to spend on revenue generation during branch opening hours.

With teclet’s unique dashboards, trackers and time ladder, all parties can see where in the tenancy journey they are – and can access their documents 24/7 365 days a year. This results in far fewer calls and emails to your branch resulting in better customer service.