Meet teclet CEO: Alan Blockley

Alan Blockley, CEO, was the director of a business consultancy specialising in service and operations, he has worked in delivering changeĀ for a variety of companies including Marks and Spencer, BUPA and BOC.

Other relevant projects include the flotation of a $1bn company, delivery from scratch of a 100 head shared service centre in the Czech Republic and supporting the strategic development and support of a 1,000 head UK customer facing service operation.

Alongside a successful career, he has a lifelong involvement in the property industry as a landlord with a portfolio of 25 units and property development both here and overseas.

He has deep experience of IT, setting up operations and delivering results, a passion for service and hands on knowledge of the lettings industry.

He is a life long DIY landlord and believes anyone can do it themselves given the right tools.

Alan is a co-founder of the teclet platform/solutionĀ and has been instrumental in bringing this unique proposition to market.